Our interactive YouTube experience brought ASD awareness to classrooms across the province.


By leveraging platforms like Youtube, it allowed our team to focus most of our time on the idea – one that would invite the audience on an adventure to explore the stories of people living with ASD.

Ideas should always evolve. Sometimes it’s easier for resource-strapped organizations to fall back on ‘what they know’, but it’s our job to help break these habits so we can find new ways to engage. In Autism Ontario’s case, we knew the initial request (a simple PDF pamphlet) wouldn’t achieve the goal of connecting with a young audience. A new approach was needed.

Design Tactics

Human-centred design means approaching challenges with empathy – and directing each component of the experience to work as a whole.

When your focus is delivering a powerful User Experience, implementation must be simple. The solution must work just as well for the client as it does for the audience. That’s why we design products that are made to be used, with the human being at the centre.

A ‘Choose Your Own Destination’ interactive Youtube series.

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